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Pace Edwards Utility Body Bed Cover
Pace Edwards Utility Body Bed Cover

Utility Body Bed Cover By Pace Edwards

Suggested Price: $2,799.00

Utility Body Bed Cover by Pace Edwards - 12 Volt DC Version

Improve fuel mileage and keep your utility truck contents safe and secure from theft.
All covers are custom made to order to fit your truck body specifically
Maximum length of cover is 133 inches. Up to 14 Foot Cover total on Manual Version, up 13 feet total cover on electric version.
  • Fits Most Standard 8 Foot and 9 Foot Service Body Truck Beds
  • Protect the contents of your utility body from theft
  • Improve fuel mileage
  • Lower your insurance premium
  • Just slide the Utility Bedlocker forward and it retracts into a canister at the front, allowing full and easy access to the bed.
  • In the closed position the bed cover tucks in behind the tailgate for security.
  • Rigid anodized aluminum panels are connected by patented silicon hinges, producing an airtight seal and optimum security.
  • The Low-profile, aerodynamic design increases fuel economy.
  • Manual version allows the bed cover to be opened and closed by hand.
  • 3 Year Parts Warranty!
  • Part Number: PE-RUBC-E

    Utility Truck Bed Cover by Pace Edwards

    Retractable Bed Cover for Utility Truck Beds - 12V DC version
    Utility trucks can easily be equipped with a convenient cover for secure and attractive storage of tools and equipment.
    12 Volt DC operation means fast and convenient access.
    Also available in a Manual Version.
    Typical lead time for build is 4-6 weeks from date of order.