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AlturnaMat AMCP4 MatPak Ground Protection Mat System Includes 12 AlturnaMat AM48 Ground Protection Mats
AlturnaMat AMCP4 MatPak Ground Protection Mat System Includes 12 AlturnaMat AM48 Ground Protection Mats

AlturnaMat AMCP4 MatPak

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AlturnaMats AMCP4 MatPak

4 foot X 8 foot AlturnaMats MatPak Set - Black
This complete package is the convenient way to transport and store your AlturnaMats. Includes (12) 4 foot X 8 foot ground protection mats.
The AlturnaMat MatPak is a complete groundmat protection system that includes 12 AM48 AlturnaMats, Connection links, pulling rods and ratchet straps for a complete ground protection mat system.
Package Contents:
  • 12) 4'x 8' AlturnaMAT Ground Protection Mats - Black
  • 1) AMRK Turn-A-Rack Storage and Transportation Rack with four (4) way fork lift entry
  • 20) RTL-SG Turn-A-Links
  • 2) AMHH Handi-Hooks
  • 2) Custom Nylon Ratchet Straps Requires Freight Quote For Shipping - Call 877.360.7278
  • Part Number: ALTURNA-AMCP4
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    AlturnaMats AMCP4 MatPak Ground Protection Mat System

    Includes (12) 4 foot X 8 foot AlturnaMats Ground Cover Mats Plus Many Extras - Black
    AlturnaMats are designed to protect the ground in areas where heavy work traffic, machinery or equipment is used for construction, remodeling, cemeteries, sporting events or anywhere else that you want the ground protected from damage such as ruts or where you need grass protection.

    AlturnaMats are for use where you may have trucks, skidsteers, wheelbarrows, backhoes, digging equipment and other contruction equipment and foot traffic that can ruin grass, dirt, mud or other types of work areas. They also can help prevent any vehicle weighing up to sixty tons from becoming stuck or damaging the underlying surface.

    These industry leading ground protection mats work by providing a firm surface with excellent traction that allows vehicles to safely traverse a given area.

    AlturnaMats can also be easily linked together to build a temporary roadway, parking lot or work platform.

    AlturnaMats won't absorb water or break down after repeated use.

    AlturnaMat is a high load capacity mat boasting an aggressive diamond plate tread design and a high load capacity ideal for use over soft or sensitive ground conditions in the construction, civil engineering, groundwork, and events industries.

    These rugged mats are made of 0.5in. (12.7 mm) thick polyethylene making them virtually indestructible. AlturnaMats can withstand loads of up to 120 tons*, and its flexible construction means that these mats will follow the contours of the ground to deliver a highly effective access solution over undulating or sloping ground conditions. Weighing just 86 lbs (39 kg) at its maximum size and just 21.4 lbs (9.7 kg) at its smallest, AlturnaMats; can be easily deployed and maneuvered without any special equipment with the added optional convenience of strategically positioned hand holes.

    AlturnaMats can be connected together using their Turn-A-Links connectors to create a secure trackway or work pad.

    Clear Ground Protection Mats are also available, allowing light to pass through the mats, helping to preserve grass during longer coverage uses.

    *Load bearing capacity is subject to ground conditions. Sizing is subject to a manufacturing variance of +/- 5%.