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  • Vanair Air-N-Arc 150 Vanair Air-N-Arc 150
    The Air N Arc ALL-IN-ONE Power System increases your efficiency, productivity, and profitability on the job site. By combining five sources of power into one, single unit, including an air compressor, generator, battery booster, battery charger, and welder, the Air N Arc 150 reduces machine costs and increases available bed space on your vehicle. Its true two generator system also permits safe multi-functioning of power sources.
  • Vanair Air-N-Arc 250 Vanair Air-N-Arc 250
    The Vanair Air N Arc 250 provides you with five forms of power in one machine. Offering 250 amps of welding capabilities and a 2-stage reciprocating air compressor for the pressure you need to get the job done, the Vanair Air N Arc 250 performance can’t be beat. It also features a EFI engine to save on fuel and to provide the horsepower you need for effective multi-functioning of tools.
  • Vanair Air-N-Arc 300 Vanair Air-N-Arc 300
    The Vanair Air-N-Arc 300 system provides more efficient use of your truck bed and reduces cost by combining five power sources - Rotary screw on-demand air compressor, 7 kW generator, 300 AMP welder, battery booster and battery charger - into one single unit. Designed as a true two generator system, the Air-N-Arc 300 series allows multi-functioning such as welding and generator for lights for night time service.